What Crypto Can I Mine on Mobile Phone without GPU?

What Crypto Can I Mine on Mobile Phone without GPU?

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One of the easiest ways to mine crypto on a Mobile phone (or any other device) without the need for a powerful processor like a GPU is to mine on RayMiner.com

RayMiner.com is a free platform where some new and soon to be listed cryptocurrencies can be mined for free. See how it works here.

On RayMiner, mining is browser based and does not require any app or powerful equipment.

RayMiner is actually a “pre-mining” platform and the cryptocurrencies mined are not yet listed (but soon to be).

They can only be withdrawn after the platform’s email subscribers cross the 2 Million mark at which point the currencies will be listed on exchanges.


So, What Crypto Can You Mine on Mobile Phone without GPU on RayMiner?

There are various minable cryptocurrencies that can be mined on RayMiner using a mobile phone without GPU. These include:

  • pNT
  • pMIN
  • pTT
  • pNA
  • More to be added
  • (Info Tip: The p in the symbols stand for pre-mine).


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