Video Creation Competition (Season 1)

AD (do your own research)
ADS (do your own research): Video Creation Competition (Season 1)

Can you create a good, clear video in English language?

Then you can earn fabulous RayMiner pre-mined crypto prizes in the video creator competition.

This competition is part of activities to promote RayMiner to the world.

Instructions and Basic Requirements:

You are to create a video of length two minutes or more on any of the following topics (pick one):

  • How to Register and Start Earning on
  • How to Earn Daily Income on RayMiner
  • How to Mine Crypto on Mobile Phone Using RayMiner
  • How to Mine Crypto on Laptop With RayMiner
  • Review
  • How RayMiner Works


  • All entries that meet the basic requirements will receive 200 pNT, 70 pRV, 40 pMIN and 5 pTT
  • In addition, three winning entries will be selected every month
  • The winning entries will be determined based on Likes and Views on the video. Videos with the most likes and views at the end of the month wins.
  • Top 3 Winners will be selected once a month from all the entries for that month
  • Winners will be announced one week after close of entries for a particular month


Additionally, the Top 3 winners will also receive:

1st Prize: 5000 pNT, 3500 pRV, 2000 pMIN, 1000 pTT, 100 pNA, 10 XP, 5 EXERGY
2nd Prize: 3000 pNT, 2000 pRV, 1000 pMIN, 500 pTT, 50 pNA, 6 XP, 3 EXERGY
3rd Prize: 1500 pNT, 1000 pRV, 150 pMIN, 100 pTT, 10 pNA, 3 XP, 2 EXERGY


How to Enter:

Upload your video onto YouTube and then fill the following form => CLICK HERE

You may submit up to three videos per month.

Timelines and Deadlines:

  • The competition will last for three months (April, May and June 2022).
  • Entries for a particular month will close on the last day of that month.

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