Top 20 Users for October 2022

ADS (do your own research):

AD (do your own research)

Great Warriors!

The dry autumn winds are blowing and the year is slowly but surely drawing to a close.

Hope your year has been awesome so far.

Today we announce the Top Users for last month (October 2022) and what they receive as bonus.

The Top 3 Users are:

Congratulations brave ones, you have earned the following bonuses (which have already been sent to your Wallets)

First Position: 20,000 pRV

Second Position: 12,000 pRV

Third Position: 5,000 pRV

Below is the complete Top 20 list of users for October 2022. We sincerely appreciate you all for the time and effort put into mining and supporting the platform. We also appreciate everyone else in the community, even if you are not among the Top 20. You are all doing well.


So dear warriors, till we come accross each other again, keep roaring and keep excelling in life.