Top 20 Users for May 2022

AD (do your own research)

Hiiii Fellow Warriorssss!

It’s that time of the month again when we recognize and reward the top users in the previous month.

To mark the third edition of this monthly award, we shall be awarding the top 20 users and not just the Top 3 or Top 5.

Below are the awards:

Top User (First Place):
1000 pNT
600 pRV
50 pTT
10 pNA
12 XP

Second Place
600 pNT
300 pRV
8 XP

Third Place
400 pNT
150 pRV
6 XP

4th to 10th Place
200 pNT
100 pRV
4 XP

10th to 20th Place
100 pNT
50 pRV
2 XP

Many congratulations to the winners for this month. Please check your wallets to see your new balances.

Here are the Top 20 Leaders for MAY 2022:

Meanwhile… Something new is coming to our Project ecosystem and it will be revealed very very soon (today actually so stay tuned). (Update: Its been revealed, read about it here.)