Top 20 Users for April 2022 and $10 Contest Winner

AD (do your own research)
ADS (do your own research):

April was a very interesting month in the RayMiner community.

The race to be the top user was a tightly fought one.

Congrats to the winners!

$10 Referral Contest Results (April 2022)

Here are the results for the $10 Competition of April 2022:

1st Place (Go Gaga)

If you are the first place winner (Go Gaga), kindly send an email to [email protected] and mention that you are Go Gaga the winner of the $10 Contest.  In the email you should also include a screenshot of your account page or write out the balances of the tokens in your RayMiner wallet (or a screenshot of your RayMiner wallet).

To compensate the other two users (TitanKenneth and Caiaphas Simon) and appreciate their effort, the following bonuses have been credited to their Wallets:

2nd Place (TitanKenneth)

200 pNT, 100pRV, 50 pMIN, 20 pTT, 1 pNA, 2 XP, 2 EXERGY

3rd Place (Caiaphas Simon)

30 pNT, 20 pRV, 10 pMIN, 5pTT, 1XP, 1 EXERGY