What Crypto Can I Mine on Mobile Phone without GPU?

19 Important Things to Know About Mining and Earning on RayMiner.com Free Crypto Mining Platform

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19 Important Things to know About RayMiner:

RayMiner.com is a website where you can mine crypto for free using any device (phone, laptop, desktop etc). Here are some key things to know about the platform:

  1. Joining RayMiner.com is free
  2. Registration takes less than a minute. See how to register here
  3. Mining requires only about 10 to 15 minutes a day or less
  4. More than one type of cryptocurrency can be mined. See them here
  5. You don’t need to be always online or always logged in to mine
  6. Mining continues even if you are logged out or not online
  7. Mining does not consume extra computer of phone resources
  8. Mining on RayMiner does not require any app, software or extra equipment, only an internet browser
  9. You must turn off ad blocking and use supported browsers like Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge. See more about supported browsers here
  10. A “Mining Equipment” means any button that you can click on to receive crypto rewards
  11. You must claim what has been mined before any new ones can be mined
  12. Not all earnings pop up an alert, some are silently transferred to your wallet
  13. If you click on any MINE or PLAY or SPIN button and the spinning circle icon keeps spinning for more than two minute then refresh the page and try to click again. It could be that you are offline or you were automatically logged out by the system.
  14. Doing the daily Quests will earn you more crypto
  15. Referring people to visit or to register through your referral link will earn you much crypto and bonuses
  16. Higher Ranks and Levels will earn you more crypto
  17. The digital assets (crypto and NFTs) being mined and earned are not yet minted and listed on the blockchain
  18. Right now they can only be used on RayMiner platform
  19. These digital assets will be minted and listed on the blockchain when email subscribers reach 2 million
  20. When listed, you will be able to withdraw and sell the digital assets on exchanges or P2P

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