The Team

AD (do your own research)
ADS (do your own research):

The conceiver and lead developer of the RayMiner project is this 27 year old female from Europe who goes by the pseudonym “Empress”:


In the spirit of blockchain confidentiality, she has chosen to only partially “doxx” herself by revealing just her photograph, age and continent of origin.

She, however, works closely online with an international team made up of early investors and advisers; and she continues to forge strategic partnerships with organizations whose identities will be revealed as the project unfolds.

For now, suffice it to say that the team has a long experience in marketing and building large online communities: two of the key ingredients required for any successful crypto project.

The team also includes a blockchain strategist who has been directly involved in planning and executing successful crypto projects and token launches in the past.

So rest assured you are in very capable hands.

ADS (do your own research):