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RayMiner is the first of several planned platforms that will ultimately make up an “ecosystem of ecosystems” Here are some key points to note about this RoadMap:

  • As mentioned in the LitePaper, is the first step in a very ambitious project that will involve the creation of numerous interconnected platforms organized in ecosystems made up of sub ecosystems.
  • This Roadmap relates only to and it’s sub ecosystem. To learn more about the full project, click here to read the LitePaper.
  • One hall mark of the project is the focus on quantity and interoperability.
  • is the first of a group of similar platforms that will make up one of the sub-ecosystems of the overall project.
  • RayMiner is an experimental project therefore it is difficult to state with accuracy when exactly various aspects of the roadmap will be completed.
  • Instead, we have developed a more realistic roadmap that is based on the number of subscribers on the RayMiner email newsletter or the number of average daily visits or both.
  • In the list below, the bolded part indicates the amount of subscribers that will need to be reached for the action on the right to be performed.

=============   ======
10,000 : Start awarding cash prizes to top 3 users and top 3 referrers every month
35,000 : Launch a new mining platform (similar to RayMiner) with new currencies
50,000 (+ 20,000 daily visitors) : Extend monthly cash awards to top 5 users and top 5 referrers
100,000 : Launch another mining platform with even more new currencies
200,000 : Launch new share-to-earn content platform
250,000 (+ 50,000 daily visitors) : Extend cash awards to top 10 users and top 10 referrers
300,000 : Launch another share-to-earn content platform
500,000 : First NFTs sales for future metaverse
1,000,000 : Second NFTs sales for metaverse
1,500,000 : Third NFTs sales for metaverse
2,000,000 (+ 100,000 daily visitors) : All RayMiner pre-mined cryptocurrencies listed on decentralized exchanges making them withdrawable and tradeable
2,500,000 : Pre-mint NFTs become withdrawable and tradeable
3,000,000 : Launch of staking platform for mined currencies
4,000,000 : Launch of staking platform for NFTs
5,000,000 : Continue to launch new miners and share-to-earn websites, using part of the revenues to boost liquidity and buy back/burn mined currencies. This will have the effect of strengthening the value and fundamentals of the various currencies and is just one of the mechanisms built into the overall system to strengthen the Project’s currencies and digital assets. over the passage of time.

We know that these are pretty large numbers but we believe that with patience, hardwork and dedication we can get there. It is not going to be easy and it may take a while, but we shall get there eventually.


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