MEGA UPDATE: A New Share-to-Earn Platform Launched as Part of our Project ecosystem

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Hello Warriors,

Today is a day to be happy and to celebrate because we have just completed a new item from our Roadmap and we are now welcoming a new platform to join the Empire ecosystem.

If you have read the RayMiner LitePaper and Roadmap then you should know by now that the Empire project is going to comprise of numerous interconnected platforms of which RayMiner is just one (the very first one).

According to the Roadmap, as our community grows, we will be launching these platforms one by one, one at various growth milestones.

RayMiner was the first platform in the roadmap and we are celebrating today because we have just launched the second platform.

This new platform is a share-to-earn website where you can also earn various pre-mined crypto by sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter.

This new platform is called DearTiti ( )

In a nutshell, it is a content based blog-like platform where stories are posted about people seeking life and relationship advice and members can advice them by commenting.

You get paid when a comment you made is liked and when you share the posts on Facebook and Twitter. There are also other ways of earning too, many of which are similar to RayMiner. These include getting Liked comments, daily log in, 7 day streak, referring new visitors and new users, playing lotteries and spins, viewing ads, etc

Actually, DearTiti is not a new website but we recently partnered with its developers to integrate it into our ecosystem as one of the constituent dApps.

It was not a share-to-earn platform previously but based on this partnership, it has now been converted into a share-to-earn model.

You can learn all about How DearTiti Works here =>

There are many similarities between RayMiner and DearTiti.

Registration is the same as that of RayMiner, but note that if you register on DearTiti, your RayMiner account is not linked to your DearTiti account but in the future everything will become integrated.

Also note that unlike RayMiner where you get a popup alert for most of your earnings, there are no alerts or popups like that on this new platform so you need to check your Wallet to track your earnings.


And so gradually our young Project begins moving forward with this second step. We still have a very long way to go but remember that this is all still the very very very early stages and greater things are yet to come. Some of these are already in development and will be revealed in due course.

In the meantime, let’s keep earning and let’s keep bringing new people into the community,

And Let the roar of all the Warriors Sound out to all of the Universe:

The Empire Project is rising.