How to Mine Crypto and Other Ways to Earn on RayMiner

How to Mine and Earn Crypto on

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Summary of Ways to Earn on

Here is a quick look at the most common ways you can earn on RayMiner:

Mining (How to Mine):

  • Mining on RayMiner is done automatically for you whether you are logged in or not, online or offline. The system mines for you and all you have to do is to log in (connect) daily to claim your mined rewards by visiting the Mines page and  clicking the MINE button on the various Mining equipment.
  • If you do not claim your mined rewards, no new mining will be done by that particular equipment until you claim the already mined rewards.
  • Any equipment where the counter reads 0H 0M 0S (or 0D 0H 0M 0S) is ready to be claimed. Click on the MINE button to claim the reward, The reward is transferred directly to your RayMiner wallet.
  • Tip: If the spinning icon (which appears after clicking MINE) remains spinning for up to two minutes, make sure you’re online then refresh the page and click MINE again.
  • To access the Mines page, log in (connect), then scroll down any page of the platform and locate a big red button that says “ENTER MINES“. (If you are on a desktop or laptop, check the right hand sidebar for this button). Click this button to enter the Mines page.
  • If you can not find the big red button, either you are not logged in or you are already on the Mines page (the button is not visible on the Mines page).
  • If it is your first time on the Mines page, make sure to read the instructions at the top of the page first before doing anything else.
  • After reading the instructions, scroll down past all the adverts to locate the section titled “Equipment”. There you will find your Mining Equipment that are unlocked.
  • Any equipment where the counter reads 0H 0M 0S is ready to be claimed. Click on the MINE button to claim the reward, The reward is transferred directly to your RayMiner wallet.

Other Daily Activities:

  • Daily Login: Every first log in of the day earns you a bonus.
  • 7 day Streak Challenge: Log in and mine at least once every day for seven consecutive days without missing a single day. You receive bonuses as the days progress and more massive bonuses on the 7th day.
  • Daily Quests: Perform any unlocked quests daily. Visit the Quests page from the menu or click here to see a list of available quests.
  • Daily Bottom Lottery: Play the daily bottom lottery. Scroll down to the very bottom of any page of the platform to find this lottery.


  • Referrals: You earn crypto for each person that visits the website through your referral links. You also earn bonuses when people register using your referral link. The value of the bonuses increase as you refer more people. Learn more about the referral program here.
  • Leaders Bonuses: When the platform grows to 10,000 daily users, the top 3 users, top 3 referrers and top 3 promoters for any completed month will receive cash prizes in Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency which they can withdraw and sell immediately. As the platform grows, these cash awards will be extended to more numbers of top users, referrers and promoters. See your Leaderboard positions here.
  • Rank-Up and Level-Up Bonuses: You earn extra bonuses when you reach a new Rank or Level.
  • Activity Bonuses: All daily actions earn you extra bonuses when you perform them a given number of times. You earn these bonuses by regularly performing the daily activities.
  • Affiliate Shopping Quest: This bonus is not issued to individual users, rather any commissions gained when users shop through the links on the affiliate shopping quest page benefits the entire community. Doing this quest is highly recommended as a means of helping the platform to grow.
  • Buy Booster Packs: The RayMiner Online Shop enables you to buy digital packages (called Booster Packs) which can give you large amounts of RayMiner cryptocurrencies. These Booster Packs are the fastest way to obtain RayMiner crypto instead of the daily mining and grinding. You can pay for these items using popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, Tron, ADA, SOL, BUSD etc.


Supported Browsers

  • Not all internet browsers are recommended to be used for because not all Browsers are supported for mining.
  • Generally, browsers that block ads or prevent them one way or the other from being displayed are NOT to be used for RayMiner mining.

What Browsers Should be Used for Mining?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.

What Browsers Should NOT be used for Mining?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


More Details on the Various Ways to Earn on

Here are more details on the various ways and methods that you can use to earn crypto on RayMiner. The main methods are:

  1. Mining
  2. Doing Quests
  3. Referring new miners
  4. Affiliate Shopping
  5. Other Bonuses

These methods are explained below.

IMPORTANT: Note that the cryptocurrencies being earned at this time are not yet listed and cannot yet be withdrawn until the platform gets to 2 Million Subscribers and 100,000 daily miners. At this point, the cryptocurrencies will be listed on exchanges and you can withdraw and sell them or hold them in your crypto wallet. Click here to learn more about the various cryptos and when they will be listed. You can also get more information on the project roadmap by clicking here. (This does not apply to the ones which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)


1. Mining:

The main way to earn crypto on is through the automatic mining feature. This is available to all users and starts working automatically the moment you register. The system mines for you whether you are online or offline and whether you’re on the website or not.

To claim what has been mined, you need to first login by connecting. Next, scroll down the page to locate the big red “Enter Mines” button. Click on this button to access the Mines page and then scroll down past the advertisements to locate any MINE button that you find on the page.

Above every MINE button you will find a timer counting down to the completion of the current mining cycle (known as blocks). Whenever the timer reads 0H 0M 0S, the MINE button associated with it becomes clickable. Click on the MINE button to claim the crypto reward and automatically move it to your RayMiner Wallet .

After you have claimed the rewards, the countdown will start counting down again to the next reward. If a timer gets to 0H 0M 0S and the reward is not claimed, no new mining will be done by that equipment until the pending reward is claimed,

There are various “MINE” buttons each associated with a different mining equipment available to you. These are virtual equipment and are categorized into Gears, Gadgets, Engines, Machines, Assemblies, Factories. Complexes, Quadrants and Colonies.

The mining equipment available to you is determined by how many XP (Experience Points) you have.  As your XP increases, you get to certain milestones where a new set of mining equipment is unlocked and becomes available to you. Some of these new equipment can mine faster or yield higher rewards while some can even mine new cryptocurrencies not previously auto-minable.

XP can be earned by regular and consistent participation in mining, quests and other activities.

(Click here to learn more about the various cryptocurrency and points that are available.)

The mining rewards produced by each equipment is subject to change from time to time depending on the amount of available coins left to mine. Some equipment produce a fixed amount of coins as reward every time you claim while some provide a variable reward with each block.

An example of a variable reward is the pNT Gear which produces either 1 or 2 or 3 pNT reward per claim. This is indicated on the equipment as 1-3 pNT .

You may also notice the phrase “always included” in front of some mining and lottery equipment. This phrase indicates that a particular currency will always be included as part of the rewards whenever you mine or play on that equipment. It is especially relevant for equipment that yield rewards in more than one currency.

Whether you get a high reward or not, the act of Mining regularly with each equipment will earn you extra XP and other bonuses. But you must be consistent to get the best results. The definition of consistency is using the platform to mine and do quests at least once everyday or nearly every day.


2. Quests:

Quests are simple tasks, challenges, activities or mini-games that you can participate in to earn daily rewards.  Examples of Quests include the Daily Lottery, the 7-Day Streak Challenge, the Bottom Lottery and the Mini Games.

Some Quests are locked for new users but as you continue to use the platform and gain more XP,  you will unlock these Quests which will enable you to earn more.

Links to currently available Quests can be found under the “Quests” item in the menu or by clicking here. On the page for each Quest, instructions on what to do are given at the top. Usually you will have to scroll down past several ads on the page to find the buttons for participating in the Quest.

All Quests are currently free to participate in but in the future, you may be charged a little of your already mined crypto from your RayMiner wallet for some Quests.

In the 7-Day Streak Challenge, you are expected to log in to the website once every day for 7 days without missing a day.

The days are counted as 24 hour periods so you only need to log in and mine one or more times every 24 hours without fail for 7 days and you earn a bonus at the end of those 7 days. You also earn activity bonuses with every new day that you progress in the Challenge.

However, if you miss a day, you have to start all over from Day 1 again.

Completing a 7-Day Streak multiple times without missing a day in between earns you even more rewards and bonuses.


3. Referring New Members

This is the most valuable activity and it earns you the most rewards.

Every registered user has an affiliate link through which new users can register. When a new user registers through your affiliate link, you are said to have referred them and they are counted as your referrals.  There are various types of rewards associated with referring but generally, the more miners you refer, the higher the value of bonuses you receive and the more bonuses you get.

It is also important that your referrals stay active by using the platform regularly for you to receive greater rewards and bonuses. If your referrals are not active you will receive less rewards but the more active your referrals are, the more rewards and bonuses you will receive.

Click Here to learn more about the RayMiner referral program and how you can locate your referral links.


4. Affiliate Shopping

As part of measures to generate revenue, RayMiner is registered as an affiliate to various online stores and paid services. When you purchase or sign up for any of those services through these affiliate links, RayMiner gets a commission.

Note: even though RayMiner receives a commission, you do not pay extra for the product or service, you pay the same amount whether you use the affiliate link or not so there is no disadvantage to you. Also your privacy is guaranteed as RayMiner does not have access to link purchases to the buyers so your purchases remain anonymous and private to you.

Regular and repeated usage of the affiliate links is highly encouraged because it will benefit the platform as a whole, including you. To participate in this quest, visit the Affiliate Shopping Quest page here (or through the Menu under Quests) to see a list of available links. If you wish to shop or register on any of the platforms listed then visit the site through the links given on the page.


4. Other Bonuses

There are other bonuses that you can receive on the RayMiner platform, especially if you are a regular miner and active member of the community. The more noteworthy of these bonuses include:

Performance Bonuses: You earn extra bonuses when you attain various earning milestones by having a specific amount of cryptocurrency or points in your RayMiner wallet. The exact bonuses received are subject to change over time but generally, the more crypto and points you earn, the more milestones you will hit and the more performance bonuses you will receive.

Leaders Bonuses: The rankings of the top users and referrers are also referred to as the Leaderboards. They are based on the number of XP earned or number of users you referred during a specific period.

When the RayMiner platform gets to the point of having an average of 10,000 active visitors daily, the top 3 users and top 3 referrers every month will receive cash prizes sent to them through Bitcoin, BNB or other preferred crypto which they can withdraw to their crypto wallet immediately.

You can find some leaderboards when you scroll down any page almost getting to the bottom. You can also find more leaderboards under the Leaders item in the menu or by clicking here. Note that some leaderboards’ data are not updated in real time but are only updated periodically. Also some leaderboards are initially locked.

Level / Rank Advancement Bonuses: You receive some bonus crypto and points when you advance to a new Level or Rank. Advancing to a new Level is based in part on how much XP you have, while advancing in Rank is based in part on how much EXERGY you have.

Most of the various Levels and Ranks also have other requirements that need to be met before you can advance to the next.

The amount of XP, EXERGY and other requirements needed to unlock the various Levels and Ranks are subject to change over time but the general trend is that as you advance from one Level or Rank to another, it becomes progressively more difficult and takes longer to advance to the next. Read more about Levels here and Ranks here.

Equipment Unlock and Usage Bonuses: Each new mining equipment you unlock counts towards your eligibility to get more bonus crypto and points. Regular mining using these equipment also earns you periodic Activity Bonuses after specific numbers of times used.

Follower Bonuses: Following RayMiner on social media is compulsory for all members. Occasional bonuses are given at random to recipients selected from all followers or active followers on RayMiner social media channels.

Subscriber Bonuses: Subscribing to RayMiner’s email newsletter is also compulsory for all members. Bonuses are occasionally given at random to recipients selected from email subscribers. Click here for how to subscribe.


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