How RayMiner Works

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How RayMiner Works is a free platform where you can earn various cryptocurrencies through a new groundbreaking and very easy method of crypto mining that can be done using any device.

Read the below article carefully to understand how to start earning using RayMiner and how to maximize your earnings and get the best returns.


How Mining and Earning is Done on RayMiner

  • makes mining and earning new cryptocurrencies as easy as clicking/tapping on a few buttons daily.
  • Mining on RayMiner is completely free, very easy and can be done using any kind of mobile device like smartphones (android, iphone etc), tablet/iPad, laptop or desktop PC computer.
  • It can be done directly with most internet browsers and does not require any apps or software or additional equipment. Recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Privacy focused browsers like Brave, Opera Mini etc SHOULD NOT be used unless their ad blocking is turned off.
  • Mining on RayMiner also does not require additional computing resources or power usage hence it is very environmentally friendly.
  • Other ways of earning on RayMiner include daily login, daily lottery and referring new visitors and new members. Regular daily usage of the platform also earns you extra bonuses for meeting certain milestones or achieving new Levels or Ranks.
  • You do not need to be always online to mine and earn on RayMiner. All you need is to log in at least once every day and spend about 10 to 15 minutes doing simple quests and claiming what has been mined while you were away.
  • Click here for complete details on all available ways that you can earn on
  • Note that the cryptocurrencies currently being earned are in a “pre-mined” state which means they can not yet be withdrawn and can only be used on the platform. However, when the number of email subscribers reach the 2 million mark and daily visitors 100,000, the cryptocurrencies will be listed on decentralized exchanges and you will be able to withdraw your earnings and sell them or hold them in your crypto wallet. (This does not apply to the ones which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)


Supported Browsers

  • Not all internet browsers are recommended to be used for because not all Browsers are supported for mining.
  • Generally, browsers that block ads or prevent them one way or the other from being displayed are NOT to be used for RayMiner mining.

What Browsers Should be Used for Mining?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.

What Browsers Should NOT be used for Mining?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


How to Start Earning on RayMiner – First Things to Do

If you are not yet registered, the first thing you need to do is to register. Click here for How to Register.

If you are already registered then read the following carefully:

After Registering, What Next?

If you have just registered and connected for the very first time then you need to do two more things before you can start mining and earning: These two things are:

  1. Subscribe to the RayMiner email newsletter
  2. Follow RayMiner on social media

These two things are compulsory to making the most earnings from the platform and without doing them you will only be wasting and underutilizing your time so make sure that you do them as soon as possible after registration. After doing them you can then start mining and earning.

How to Subscribe:

Scroll down any page of the website and you will come across the email subscription box, or click here. Enter your email address, click Subscribe, then go to your email box and find the email that will be sent to you (check your inbox, spam or promotions folder). Open the email and click on the Confirmation link to complete your subscription,

(Note: Email subscription is very important because this is the metric that will determine how soon you will be able to withdraw your earnings. According to the project roadmap, when the  number of email subscribers reach 2 Million, that is when the cryptocurrencies will be listed and become withdrawable. See the RoadMap here for more on this) (This does not apply to the cryptocurrencies which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)

How to Follow RayMiner:

After subscribing, the next thing is to follow on social media. Follow on as many social networks as you can to increase your chances of extra earnings.

If you can follow on all of them in the list below, that would be the best because you can get all the benefits. But if you can’t follow on all, follow on at least two or three or at worst one. If you do not follow at all you may miss out on special bonuses given only to followers on certain networks.

Below are the links of the accounts you are to follow. These are the only official RayMiner social accounts so be careful of fake scam accounts and profiles. And note that admins will never DM you or PM you first.

(Note: There’s not much content on the social channels right now but they will be put to more active use as time goes on.)

Twitter: @RayMinerCrypto => Link (click here)

Telegram Channel: @RayMiner =>

Instagram: @RayMinerCrypto  =>

TikTok: @rayminercrypto =>

YouTube: RayMinerCrypto => Link

FacebookRayMinerCrypto =>


How to Mine

After subscribing and following, you may start mining.

In addition to mining, you should also do the other daily activities that can earn you cryptocurrencies. These activities are summarized below but you can find a detailed explanation of all the ways to earn on RayMiner by clicking here.

  • Mining on RayMiner is automatic. The platform continues to mine for you even when you are offline. This is known as auto-mining.
  • All you have to do is to log in regularly to claim whatever has been mined.
  • If you do not claim these rewards, no new crypto will be mined.
  • To start mining, log in to your account by Connecting.
  • On successful log in, scroll down the page and look for a big red button that says “Enter Mines”. Click on this button and you will be taken to the Mines page.
  • Hint: If you cannot find the red “Enter Mines” button, either you are already on the Mines page or you are not logged in.
  • If it is your first time, carefully read the instructions at the top of the Mines page then scroll down past all the adverts to locate the section titled “Equipment”.
  • Each equipment (Gear, etc) has a “MINE” button associated with it
  • You know when crypto is available to be mined whenever the counter beside them reads 0H 0M 0S  and is no longer counting down.
  • Click on any button that says MINE to claim the mined cryptocurrency. The MINE button only works when the counter is at 0H 0M 0S.
  • Any crypto mined is transferred to your RayMiner wallet which you can access from the menu or via this link.
  • New mining equipment are unlocked as you progress enabling you to mine more of the existing and even new cryptocurrencies.
  • You can find full details and learn all about mining on RayMiner here.


More Ways to Earn

In addition to mining, other ways of earning on RayMiner exist. Some of these include:

Daily Activities

  • Daily Login: Every first log in of the day
  • 7 Day Streak Challenge: Log in and mine at least once every day for seven consecutive days
  • Daily Quests: Perform any unlocked quests daily
  • Bottom Lottery: Play the daily lottery at the bottom of the web page. Scroll down to the very bottom of the platform to find this lottery.


  • Referrals: Get paid when people visit the website or register using your affiliate link
  • Rank-up and Level-up bonuses: Extra bonuses when you reach a new Rank or Level.
  • Activity Bonuses: All daily actions earn you extra bonuses when you perform them a given number of times within a specific time frame. You earn these bonuses by regularly performing the daily activities.

Generally, new earning opportunities are unlocked as you advance in Level or Rank


Leaders Bonuses

The rankings of the top users is also referred to as the Leaderboards and it is ranked according to the number of XP earned or visitors and users you referred during a specific period.

Bonus crypto and points are awarded to the top users and top referrers every month. This is awarded after the month has ended and the final results for that month are in.


Monthly Cash Prizes for the Top Users and Referrers

  • When the RayMiner platform reaches an average of 10,000 daily active users, the top 3 users, top 3 referrers and top 3 promoters for the previous month will begin to receive cash prizes sent to them through Bitcoin, BNB or other preferred crypto which they can withdraw to their crypto wallet and sell immediately if they wish.
  • Top Users are the most active users (measured in XP), Top Referrers are the members who have referred the most new users to sign up and Top Promoters are the members who have referred the highest number of visits through their referral links.
  • You can find some Leaderboards when you scroll down any page almost getting to the bottom. You can also find more Leaderboards under the Leaders menu. Note that some Leaderboards’ data are not updated in real time but are only updated every couple of hours.


The Referral System

  • Every member is issued with a special link unique only to them when they register. This is their referral link and it allows them to earn points and cryptocurrencies when new members visit or register on the platform using this referral link.
  • Referring new users to visit or register through your link gives much benefits which increases as you refer more new users.
  • When a new user registers through a referral link, they also receive bonuses
  • Click here to learn more about the Referral program including how to locate your referral link and how to check the number of people you have referred.


The 7-Day Streak Challenge

  • This 7-Day Streak Challenge is an important aspect of RayMiner and is one of the fastest ways to earn multiple bonuses in the form of pre-mined crypto.
  • In this challenge, you are expected to log in and mine at least once every day, where a day counts as 24 hours. Do this for 7 days without missing any day and you can be said to have completed a streak.
  • If you miss a day before the 7 days is complete then the counter goes back and starts counting all over again from Day 1.
  • Once a streak is complete, the counter restarts and a new streak begins.
  • Completing more than one 7-day streak back-to-back without missing a day between them earns you more bonuses. Even more bonuses are received if you complete four streaks in a row without missing a day (i.e 28 days of daily login and mining without missing a day).
  • Some Ranks and Levels also require you to have completed a minimum number of streaks before you can advance.


How to Earn Even More: Booster and Combo Packs

  • also has an Online Shop where more pre-mined RayMiner cryptocurrencies can be purchased using other popular currencies like Bitcoin, Tron, Ada etc (learn more about payments here).
  • There are various items known as Booster Packs that can be purchased. Purchasing a Booster Pack will add various quantities of RayMiner cryptocurrencies to your Wallet balance. There are also Combo Packs which are a combination of multiple Booster Packs.
  • Purchasing a Booster or Combo Pack is the fastest way of obtaining RayMiner pre-mined cryptocurrencies instead of the slower more manual process of mining.
  • Some Booster Packs also give you RayMiner pre-mint NFTs which increases the value of the Pack several fold. Learn more about RayMiner pre-mint NFTs here.
  • Note: Although the eventual listing prices of these cryptocurrencies are yet to be determined, much effort will be made to ensure that the value of these Booster Packs at the time of listing will be higher than the cost of purchasing them now that they are yet to be listed.
  • This will ensure that those who buy now have an advantage over those who wait till listing to buy. It is also one way (amongst others) of rewarding early backers and loyal investors who show their belief in (and support of) the project by investing their money into the purchase of these Packs.
  • Buyers of any item from the Shop will also be given special status in the main Project for being early believers and risking their funds to support. This special status will give them free access to many benefits in the ecosystem including exclusive token airdrops and NFT drops.


When Can You Withdraw/Sell your Mined Crypto?

As mentioned previously, the cryptocurrencies being mined on RayMiner are in a pre-mined state and not yet connected to the blockchain so they exist only on the RayMiner platform for now. When the number of email Subscribers gets to 2 Million and daily site visitors 100,000 then the currencies will be minted on the blockchain and listed on Decentralized Exchanges so that you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet and sell or hold if you wish. (This does not apply to the ones which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)


RayMiner Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

  • A major part of the planned ecosystems in the main project which RayMiner is part of is the use of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), These will be used mainly in the metaverses that will be developed in the future of the project.
  • At this time, these NFTs are not yet on the blockchain and are only accessible on in a “pre-mint” state. Later on in the project, NFT owners will be able to transfer their NFTs to a minted form on the blockchain. This will allow them to trade the NFTs on NFT marketplaces or use them to participate, receive benefits and earn yields in the ecosystem.
  • Presently, RayMiner NFTs can only be obtained by purchasing certain Booster Packs from the RayMiner online Shop. Click here to see a list of Booster Packs which contain NFTs.


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