How to Earn Jagaban Coin (JAGA) on RayMiner

What is JAGA?

  • JAGA (or Jagaban Coin) is a new cryptocurrency (on the Binance Smart Chain) that is currently making waves around the world and is set to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty within the next few years. Click Here to Learn more about Jagaban Coin.
  • One of the reasons it was created is to support the government in their palliatives and poverty alleviation measures.
  • Although this crypto is very new and very cheap right now, many analysts believe that the price will go very high with time, just like Bitcoin. (Although, just like Bitcoin, it could still take a while before this happens.)
  • However, the first major target of JAGA’s developers is to try and get the coin to be worth $1 to 1 JAGA. This may take some time but it is very doable with the support of the entire community and the Grace of God.
  • So the earlier you start earning, collecting, holding, stacking or buying JAGA, the better for you because what you are getting for free today could be worth a whole lot of money in the future.
  • DISCLAIMER: Despite the name, Jagaban Coin is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated or otherwise connected with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his party (APC) or the Nigerian government.
  • NOTE that Jagaban coin is not a meme coin or sh^t coin but a very serious and long-term project with a dedicated team and mind-blowing roadmap filled with awesome use cases and utilities for the JAGA token and its family of NFT collections and digital assets. See the full roadmap here.
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How to Earn JAGA (pJAG) on RayMiner

  • When you register on RayMiner, you are assigned referral links that you can share online or give to people to use to register too. To locate your referral link, log in and click on Referrals from the menu or scroll down towards the bottom of any page to the area after the Top Users section.
  • For anyone that registers through your referral link, you receive 500 JAGA and they also receive 500 JAGA.
  • On RayMiner, this JAGA is given to you in the form of pJAG (pre-mined JAGA) which you can convert into JAGA and withdraw when you have accumulated a minimum of 2,000 pJAG.
  • In other words, when you have earned at least 2,000 pJAG, you can withdraw it to your crypto wallet and you will receive it as the real JAGA cryptocurrency which is on Binance Smart Chain and listed for trading on PancakeSwap.
  • To withdraw, just send an email message to [email protected] (you must have at least a minimum of 2,000 pJAG before you can withdraw).
  • The exchange rate of pJAG to JAGA is 1:1, therefore 2,000 pJAG = 2,000 JAGA.
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IMPORTANT: Note that you are not allowed to create multiple accounts or to refer yourself. Also, the people you refer must be active on the platforms and must log in regularly for you to earn even more.

Tip: Pre-mined crypto is crypto that exists but is not yet connected directly to the blockchain. Click here to learn more about it.


Activities and How Much JAGA (pJAG) you earn on RayMiner

  • 500 pJAG for referring a new member (the new member also gets 500 pJAG)
  • 500 pJAG for anyone who registers through someone’s referral link
  • 50 pJAG welcome bonus for every new member on registration
  • 2 pJAG for every first login you make daily
  • 100 pJAG for logging in everyday for 7 days in a row (without missing a day)

Note that pJAG cannot be transferred between and among users via RayMiner. But when withdrawn to your wallet as JAGA, it can be transferred to any other crypto wallet or traded on exchanges like PancakeSwap or Poocoin. JAGA is on Binance Smart Chain therefore you need a Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum / EVM compatible wallet e.g TrustWallet or MetaMask or TokenPocket to access it.


Earning Other Cryptos

Aside from pJAG, ther are also other pre-mined cryptocurrencies that can be earned through various activities such as mining, daily login, daily lottery etc Learn more about these here.


Need More JAGA?

You can buy more JAGA. See how to buy here:


More About Jagaban Coin’s Plans:

JAGA is set to be the biggest crypto project out of Africa. The ecosystem roadmap includes the following amongst others (all of which is meant to try to grow the value of 1  JAGA to be equal 1 Dollar or more over time):

  • Staking dApps
  • Yield farming dApps
  • Play-to-Earn Games
  • Learn-to-Earn platforms
  • NFTs and new Token launches
  • Animated and Live-action movies
  • Gaming and Educational Metaverses
  • Building of Institutes and Universities
  • See the full roadmap here


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