Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Following are some of the more frequently asked questions about


How Does RayMiner Work?

RayMiner is a free website where you can earn cryptocurrencies daily just by clicking on a few buttons. It takes only about 10 to 15 minutes of your time and can be done on any device. It is currently the easiest way to get free cryptocurrency online. For full details of how it works, click here.


Who Can Register?

Anybody who is 18 years and above from any country in the world may register. All you need is an existing Facebook or Google/Gmail or Yahoo account.


How Much to Register? Any Hidden Fees?

Registration is completely free. Mining is completely free. No hidden fees.


Will I Need to Pay for Anything?

No, Everything is free. All you need to do is to register and start claiming your mined crypto daily. (You only pay if you want extra crypto which you can purchase from the Online Shop).


What Countries are Allowed to Join?

All countries are allowed to join.


Is there any Age Requirement for Joining?

You must be 18 years and above to join.


Do I Need any Special Mining Equipment or Hardware?

No, you do not need any special equipment or hardware.


What Device do I Need?

You can use any smartphone or tablet or desktop PC or laptop computer.


Do I Need to Download Any App or Software?

No You do not need to download any app or software. All you need is any internet browser (with cookies enabled and no ad blocks).


What Browser Should I Use for Mining?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.


What Browser Should NOT be Used for Mining?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


How Can I Register?

You may register by visiting the RayMiner website and clicking on any of the Connect buttons on any of the pages, then authorizing your social media account and then selecting a username. See more details and steps on how to register here.


How Do I Log in?

To log in, click on the relevant Connect button for the social network that you used in registering, then sign in to the network or click Proceed. You will be logged in and automatically redirected to the RayMiner Start page.


What Happens if I Lose Access to My Social Media Account Used to Connect?

If you lose access to your social media account which you use in connecting, you may not be able to log in to your RayMiner account. To avoid losing access to your RayMiner account if you lose access to your social media account, try to link your other social media networks to your RayMiner account so that you can log in to RayMiner using any of them. You can link your other social media connecting accounts through your RayMiner account page. You can access this page by clicking on Account from the menu or clicking here.


How Can I Mine? How do I Earn?

Click here for full details on How to Mine and all the other ways to earn crypto on RayMiner


I Clicked on MINE and the Icon Keeps Spinning and Won’t Stop

If this continues for up to two minutes, make sure that you are online then refresh/reload the page and try clicking again. The most common reason for this is either you are offline or the system has logged you out automatically.


How do I Check My Earnings?

You can see all your earnings by checking your RayMiner Wallet. You must be logged in (connected) to access your wallet and view your earnings. To access your Wallet, log in and from the menu click on Wallet. You can also access it directly after logging in by clicking here.


Do I Need to Always Be Online to Mine or Earn?

No you do not need to always be online. You only need to be online whenever you want to log in and claim your mined rewards. Even when you are logged out and not on the website or not online, the system continues to mine for you and all you have to do is log in about once a day to claim your mined crypto. No new crypto will be mined until you claim the one that has already been mined.


When Can I Withdraw/Sell My Mined Coins?

Presently, the cryptocurrencies that you are mining are in a pre-mined state and not yet connected to the blockchain so they exist only on the RayMiner platform for now. When the number of email Subscribers gets to 2 Million and daily site visitors 100,000, then the currencies will be minted on the blockchain and listed on Decentralized Exchanges so that you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet and sell or hold if you wish. (This does not apply to the cryptocurrencies which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)


How Do I Get Help?

You may visit the Help Center for links to helpful resources. Click here to visit the Help Center. If you are unable to find answers in the Help Center, you may also contact Support via the details provided on the Contact Page here. (Note that due to the large number of emails received daily, it may take several days before you get a reply if you contact Support).


How do I Get Updates and Latest Info about RayMiner?

The best way to get updates is to subscribe to the RayMiner email newsletter and follow the official accounts on social media. Click here for details on how to Subscribe and Follow RayMiner.


Why So Many Adverts on the Platform?

The RayMiner economic model is primarily based on advertising revenue. Showing adverts from third party advertising services is how most of the funds required to maintain the platform, boost liquidity and provide greater value for the cryptocurrencies are being generated. This is the trade-off that has to be made in order to provide such a free and easy to use income source for public use. If you are concerned about data privacy issues, be rest assured that your privacy is taken very seriously and measures have been put in place to ensure the anonymity of any data collected. Kindly see the privacy policy for what data is collected from you when you visit and how that data is stored and used.


Can I Advertise on RayMiner?

Yes you can advertise your product, service or brand on RayMiner. Click Here for how to advertise.


What is the Meaning of the Word “alpha” written on the RayMiner logo?

The alpha mark indicates that the platform is still in alpha stage. “Alpha” is an early stage in the development cycle of computer software and applications. It is meant to test the features of the software and to fix any bugs.


Is this Website Related to Ray Miner the Sports Personality?

No, not at all. The identical name is simply just a coincidence, although it appears that the sports personality was the previous owner of this domain name.


Who Owns

Learn about the creator and development team here.


Is Regulated?

No, RayMiner is currently unregulated although there are plans in the Project to obtain regulatory approvals where necessary.


How Can I get More Pre-Mined RayMiner Cryptocurrencies?

You can get more by buying Booster Packs or Combo Packs from the Online Shop here.


How Can I Get Pre-Mint RayMiner NFTs?

You can get them by buying specific Packs that contain NFTs. You can see a list of them here.


How do I Buy and Pay on the Online Shop?

Click Here for how to buy items and make payments on the RayMiner Online Shop.


Any Other Useful Resources?


Can’t Find the Answer to Your Question?

Check the comments below or Drop your question in the Replies. Or contact us directly.