Exciting New Developments and Updates

AD (do your own research)
ADS (do your own research):

Helloooo Wariorssss!!!

It’s been a little while since we updated you on goings on with our beloved project and we appreciate your patience, especially those dedicated users who have been regular.

The past few months have been quite eventful as we continued to develop the project’s platforms and meet with potential partners. 

So far, here are the latest updates and developments that you should be aware of at this time:


Project Permanent Name Unveiled: UTTERVERSE

At inception, we operated this project under the code name of Empire Project. This was a temporary name but now the permanent name has been revealed and it is called:

Utterverse” or “The Utterverse Project“. 

This is the main umbrella project under which Rayminer and DearTiti are being developed (with lots of awesome new platforms coming down the line according to the roadmap). An official blog and socials have already been launched and you should subscribe to the blog and follow the official social accounts to stay updated and to stand a chance to receive free crypto airdrops. 

The link for the official Utterverse blog is https://utterverse.substack.com  and for the official social accounts to follow, visit https://utterverse.substack.com/about (when you visit the page, scroll down to find the links) . (Remember to also subscribe to the blog.)


New Token Partnership! Introducing Jagaban Coin (JAGA)

Hurray!!!, we also just achieved the landmark feat of partnering with a brand new cryptocurrency that has just been launched and listed on the blockchain (Binance Smart Chain). The name of this currency is Jagaban Coin (listed as JAGA) and it is now officially part of Utterverse ecosystem.

These are not pre-mined but they are actual live crypto tokens that can be withdrawn, sold and bought on a decentralized exchange (e.g PancakeSwap or Poocoin).

With this partnership, you can now earn JAGA when you refer people to register on Rayminer.com. You can also earn JAGA from other activities like logging in daily and completing a 7 day streak of unbroken daily logins. But the best thing is that you can actually withdraw the JAGA to your crypto wallet whenever you have earned up to 2,000.

Click here for the various ways to earn JAGA on RayMiner and how to withdraw it. Click here to learn more about Jagaban Coin and click here for how you can receive free JAGA airdrops,

Buying JAGA directly

If you want to buy more JAGA than what you can earn, you can buy it directly with BNB on Pancakeswap or Poocoin. You can also buy it with naira through their Nigerian P2P partner. For how to buy it with BNB or naira, visit https://rayminer.com/buy 

JAGA is very very cheap right now so this is the best time to buy because the price will likely rise in the future when the team starts doing their major marketing so if you have some cash to spare, this would be a good investment to consider at the moment. But be aware that the crypto market is a risky market and there are no 100% guarantees of profit so do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose and always do your own research.


Temporarily Pausing Monthly Top User Bonuses

The regular monthly bonuses awarded to top users have been paused since January 2023 in favour of Quarterly or Semi-annual awards. This is a temporary measure as we carry out ongoing upgrades to the platform to gradually transition it to a new version. Regular monthly bonuses may resume when the new platform version has stabilized.


Ending Payments for Referral Visits

Beginning anytime soon, only referral signups shall get rewarded and not referral visits. This is due to challenges experienced in tracking real user visits. 

Referral visits without new member signups shall no longer be rewarded, however your referral visits will still be recorded and may be rewarded in the future when the tracking issues have been fixed but not right now.


New NFT Collections Launched

New collections of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for Utterverse ecosystem have been launched on the Opensea.io NFT marketplace. These NFTs are minted on Polygon Blockchain and are going to play an important role in the metaverses that are planned as part of the project.

They are all rare NFTs because they constitute the first set (or genesis) versions and will have the highest value when the ecosystem goes live, this means that their price could go much higher in the future.

Right now they are available for very cheap prices so if you believe in the long term vision of the Project (and you know how to use OpenSea) you should consider buying some. You can find the various collections at https://opensea.io/nftmugu


Lots More in the Pipeline

So those are the main developments so far, but they are not the only ones. A number of other activities are constantly going on especially in the area of partnerships, obtaining funding and sponsors. 

Remember this is a very very long term project and we are still at the very beginning of the journey so we are taking things slow and steady.

With the onboarding of Jagaban Coin, our focus for now shall be centered around promotion and marketing of the project. When the JAGA price has stabilized, we shall then turn our attention back to other ecosystem projects. 


Help Promote Utterverse Projects

  • Your main duties as Utterverse warriors is to promote the various projects that make up the ecosystem.
  • At this time these projects are RayMiner, DearTiti and Jagaban Coin.)
  • The more you promote, the faster the Projects will grow and the earlier you will begin to reap the fruits. 

Some simple ways to promote include:

  • Sharing the links of the various platforms
  • Sharing the banner images and promotional photos and memes of the various platforms.
  • Posting, liking, sharing and retweeting social network posts
  • Word of mouth: Telling your friends, family, colleagues,  and loved ones
  • Bringing people in to sign up to any of the platforms and their social network accounts.
  • Creating and posting content like tutorial posts or videos or promotional content relating to utterverse platforms.

With the continued effort of the community and the team, surely utterverse will become a major player in the crypto and web3 world, leading to massive benefits for us all.

More information regarding Utterverse and Jagaban Coin shall be published in the coming days and weeks, 

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


Best Regards,
RayMiner / Utterverse