About Levels

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About Levels

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The RayMiner journey is comprised of Chapters and Levels. There are 9 Chapters in total and each Chapter is divided into 9 Levels.

Completing one Chapter will unlock the next Chapter. Currently only Chapter One has been developed and unlocked. Additional Chapters will be unlocked as the Project progresses.

New mining equipment, quests and bonuses are often unlocked with each new Level attained.

To advance in Levels, you need to have earned a minimum amount of XP as shown in the list below. As you go higher, you may also need to meet more requirements in addition to your XPs to be able to advance to the next Level. These requirements may include making purchases from the Shop and/or referring a minimum cumulative number of members.

All new users automatically fall under Level 1 and as you continue to use the platform, your XP increases until you hit the milestone for the next Level.


  • Level 1: 0 XP (New Users) – Mining Gears Unlocked
  • Level 2: 500 XP – Mining Gadgets Unlocked
  • Level 3: 2,000 XP – Mining Engines Unlocked
  • Level 4: 5,000 XP – Mining Machines Unlocked
  • Level 5: 12,000 XP – Mining Assemblies Unlocked
  • Level 6: 30,000 XP – Mining Factories Unlocked
  • Level 7: 100,000 XP – Mining Complexes Unlocked
  • Level 8: 500,000 XP – Mining Quadrants Unlocked
  • Level 9: 2,000,000 XP – Mining Colonies Unlocked


Note that  the figures given above are earning targets meaning that you must have earned the amount of XP shown to unlock the Level; but those earned points are not deducted when you get to the new Level.