What is RayMiner.com?

RayMiner.com is an eco-friendly platform where you can earn a regular daily income by mining new and upcoming cryptocurrencies completely for free (at no cost to you or the environment).

Mine With Any Device

Through RayMiner, anyone can mine specific cryptocurrencies in an environmentally friendly way using any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and without the need for high computing power and resources or huge electricity consumption.

No Software, Apps or Equipment Needed

Mining on RayMiner can be done directly using most internet browsers and it has very little or no effect on your computer resource usage. Also you do not need any expensive equipment, software or app. You do not need to install anything. All you need to do is just visit the website daily, connect/log in, click a few buttons and that’s all.

Easy Money

RayMiner is currently the easiest and simplest way to get into crypto mining and to receive free cryptocurrency. This is literally FREE MONEY!. You even get paid for registering and also for referring visitors and new users.

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What is Mining and How is it Done?

Mining is a process of generating new cryptocurrency coins (also called tokens). The process of mining differs for the various cryptocurrencies currently in existence while some do not need to be mined.

Mining of many crypto (for example) Bitcoin usually requires very expensive equipment or highly complicated software and often consumes large amounts of electricity which make them very difficult to mine and unfriendly to the environment due to high energy consumption.

To solve this challenge, RayMiner implements an elegant mining solution that requires nearly zero extra energy consumption and no special equipment or software requirement. All you need is your phone/tablet or laptop/desktop and any compatible browser.

Mining on RayMiner platform is automatic and you do not need to do much other than register and then wait for the crypto coins to be mined by the system after which you log in daily and claim them. Even when you are not online or not logged in, the system will continue to mine for you. You also earn crypto for every visitor you refer to RayMiner website through your referral link and for every referred visitor who registers.


Claiming your Mined Coins

The process of claiming what has been mined only requires you to connect/log in, visit the mining page, scroll down the page and click on the MINE buttons to claim and transfer to your wallet any newly mined coins that are ready.

If your mined crypto is not claimed, no new coins will be mined until you claim the one already mined so it is important that you log in regularly to claim your mined coins so that you can earn more.

Some cryptocurrencies are mined faster than others so while some take about 24 hours, others may take days.


Supported Browsers

  • Not all internet browsers are recommended to be used for RayMiner.com because not all Browsers are supported for mining.
  • Generally, browsers that block ads or prevent them one way or the other from being displayed are NOT to be used for RayMiner mining.

What Browsers Should be Used for Mining?

Recommended browsers you may use include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Make sure there is no ad blocking and that cookies are enabled. Click here for more on recommended browsers.

What Browsers Should NOT be used for Mining?

You CAN NOT use privacy focused browsers like Brave, Decentr, Phoenix, Opera Mini etc. Click here to read more on recommended browsers.


How do You Start Mining?

The only thing you need to do to to start mining is to join the platform. Joining is fast, easy and free. Anybody anywhere can join.

You just need an existing Facebook or Google or Yahoo or WordPress.com account to Connect with.

To join (or log in), all you have have to do is visit the website and connect through any of the networks listed (Facebook, Google or Yahoo). Click here for full details on How to Register.

It is better to register using someone’s referral link so that you can get additional bonuses, but if you do not have anyone’s referral link you may join by visiting the main platform directly and clicking on any of the connect buttons, although then you won’t have the extra bonuses that come from being referred by someone.

Next Step After Joining is to Subscribe and Follow RayMiner

After registering successfully, the next thing is to Subscribe using any of the subscribe forms on the platform. Subscribing is also free, simply enter your email in any of the forms provided and hit the submit button.

After submitting, go to your email box and check your inbox, spam or promotions folder, look for a confirmation email and click the link given in the email to activate your subscription. Now you will receive an email whenever there is a new update or promo. If you are getting too many emails, scroll down to the bottom of each email for options you can use to limit the number of emails you get.

Subscribing is very important because when we get to 2 Million Subscribers, that is when the cryptocurrencies that are being mined will be listed on exchanges and that is when you will be able to withdraw all the mined crypto and sell or hold them in your crypto wallet.

  • Subscribe to RayMiner:

    Enter your email below and click Subscribe.

    Join 132 other subscribers

Lastly, after subscribing, make sure to follow RayMiner using the buttons or links for the various RayMiner social media accounts. Check the bottom of this article or just scroll from top to bottom to find it. Some bonuses are only given to people who are already following RayMiner on any of the social networks. The more networks you follow, the more the likelihood of you getting extra bonuses.


How to Log in and Claim Your Mined Coins

Logging in is the same process as joining only now you don’t need to use any referral link to login. Just come straight to the website and click on Connect. Once connected and logged in, scroll down the page past the adverts until you see the red button that says Enter Mines. Click on it to go to your mine. When on your mine page, read the instructions at the top then scroll down towards the bottom past the ads to locate the “Equipment” section claims area with the MINE buttons for claiming.


How Else Can You Make Money with RayMiner?

Aside from mining, you can also earn crypto by doing simple daily quests and referring people to visit the website or join through your link. Every user has a unique referral link and when someone visits or joins the website through this link, the link owner receives some crypto. The person you referred also gets some extra bonus crypto if they register. Click here to learn more about all the ways of earning via RayMiner.com


When Can You Withdraw/Sell your Mined Coins?

Presently, the cryptocurrencies that you are mining are in a pre-mined state and not yet connected to the blockchain so they exist only on the RayMiner platform for now. When the the number of email Subscribers gets to 2 Million and daily site visitors 100,000, then the currencies will be minted on the blockchain and listed on Decentralized Exchanges so that you can withdraw them to your crypto wallet and sell or hold if you wish.


How Much Will the Coins be When they Are Listed?

We cannot yet predict what the listing price will be but it is likely to begin on the low side. However we expect the price to rise significantly over time (just like Bitcoin) as the ecosystem and use cases are developed and marketing strategies are deployed.


More About RayMiner

RayMiner is part of a large ecosystem of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms, games, metaverses, apps and DApps that will be developed over the course of the next few years. RayMiner.com is the first step in what will be a very long, exciting and (hopefully very) fruitful journey. To read more about the Project, see the LitePaper here.


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